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Right or Wrong?

Saying You’re Sorry. As the adage goes, “Do you want to be right or do you want to be connected?” Being “right” serves the ego – You get to walk away a little puffed up, but at what expense? If you’re right then, by definition, our partner is wrong. How do you think he or she feels? Do you love this person? If so, ask yourself if you really want him/her to feel this way. What is significant to note is that nothing is lost for the individual who first acknowledges wrong and apologizes for his/her part in a negative situation. Be clear that when two people are arguing each has a part – It is never just one person’s fault. To acknowledge your part first does not make you weak. Indeed, it makes you strong! For you become the first to acknowledge your truth and to show love. A fundamental truth in relationship counseling is that when two people are arguing there is no way for one person to win. If both people do not come out of the disagreement feeling heard and loved then the relationship has suffered. When relationships suffer there are no winners – both parties have lost. Remember, you are a part of a team and it is the team – not your ego – that you want to prevail.

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