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A Happy Relationship
is possible.

A Happy Relationship Is Possible!

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re not in a happy relationship. Welcome to the club – you’re certainly not alone!

Current statistics suggest that only about 17% of all couples would describe themselves as having a happy relationship.  This means that approximately 83% of all couples are unhappy.  Yup, 83 out of every 100 couples are not happy!  This outrageous number begs the question:  What the hell is going on?!

The Americans for Divorce Reform divorce statistics report that 41% of first marriages, 60% percent of second marriages and 73% of third marriages will end in divorce.  The fact that so many first marriages come to an end tells us that, from the start, we don’t really know what we’re doing.  The fact that second and third marriages end at even great rates, tells us that we also don’t learn what to do through experience.

So, how then do we learn?  How do we get good at this so we can have a happy relationship that lasts longer than our subscription?!  That’s where this blog comes in!  This blog is based on my 20+ years of experience as a psychologist specializing in couples counseling.  It contains all of the information and advice that I share with couples that I see.  I wrote it because I know what works and I want you to know it too! 

In this blog, I will teach you how to take care of your relationship.  My guarantee is this: If you’ve lost a relationship, you’ll better understand why.  If you’re in a relationship, you’ll learn how to make it better and, if you’re hoping for a relationship, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to properly nurture it from the start!

Stay tuned…!

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